Industrial Material Products

Rubber & Material Product

Rubber Material & Belt Fabric : 
• Rubber Coated and Cotton Fabric supply to manufacturing of Transmission Belt.

Polyester Dipped Cord / Raw Cord:
• Supply to manufacturing of Transmission Belt, and hose for Industrial, Automotive. 

Spun Yarn :
• Spun Yarn supply to Rubber Hose manufacturing

Industrial Yarn: 
• 100% polyester Filament Yarn supply to various kind of Industrial Application such as Seat belt webbing, Tarpaulin, Fishing Net, Cable cord, Hose cord and Plywood reinforcement. 

Seatbelt Webbing: 
• 100% Polyester Narrow Fabric supply to Safety Belt Manufacturing. 

PVC Canvas:
•  Excellent polyester canvas with high endurance applying for waterproof technology by PVC resin on Polyester spun yarn fabric.

STRUCTURE: Cold formed steel structure is widely used in USA .
It is lighter and cheaper than import hot rolled I-Beam. 
The C-section is fold into shape with hydrolic pressing machine. 

Cause strain hardening in the corner, giving the extra strength to the beam. Comparing to the roof truss, It has less welding point and cutting process this give faster fabrication.

Besides all structure are made in factory and bolt at your Site, give a very fast construction of your tent. There will be no workers Stay at your factory during installation time.